Suitable for mechanical keyboards, personalized epoxy resin keycaps, customized keycaps, valley cloud wonderland keycaps, boys birthday gift

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Bonding keycaps are suitable for most (+) axis mechanical gaming keyboard keyboard caps 
Unique keycap
OEM configuration:  file with R4 key (Esc line) height base . It will have a unique style on the mechanical keyboard, making your keyboard look more special.

more details:
Handmade, each with its own characteristics

Rugged and durable: The keycaps are made of high-quality resin, which can ensure countless uses.

Note: The keycaps are spliced together, do not break them forcefully and prevent them from falling to the ground.
  Because it is handmade and colored, there may be color differences and small defects.

Note: Because our keycaps are made by hand, each keycap is 100% different. Each product also has a different appearance, shape, size and color.

Custom: You can customize the base you like, refer to the last picture.

one Keycap (excluding keyboard)

Suitable: Suitable for most mechanical keyboards with Cherry MX (+) axisswitches. Not suitable for laptop keyboards.

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Customization matters:
1. The basic bottom color change can be directly noted, refer to the last picture.
2. The default normal keyboard MX is applicable to (+) axis, there is no remark after purchase, the base on the picture is made by default.