NEW keycap Spacebar Keycap And R4 Keycap Handmade Resin Keycap Artisan carp Keycaps Gift for boy Cherry MX Keyboard Koi Fish Resin Keycap

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Notice: This product contains one keycap,

Keycaps are handmade, every keycap is Unique. You received may not be the 100% same as it showed in the picture.

This Artisan Keycap features a very tiny detailed of a spectacle.

Mounting stem type: recessed stem

Fit for Filco, ducky...etc Cherry RGB MX switch keyboards

Specification: Enter Keycap、space bar and R1/4 for OEM(the space bar defaults to 6.25u)
!!!Note! ! Before purchasing, you must check whether the corresponding size of your keyboard is appropriate, such as the space bar 6.25U, Enter2.25U. Avoid international freight loss caused by size errors. Thank you

This is keycap only , Not include Keyboards.


- Please give us the receiver's mobile phone number to avoid any delivery problems.
- This product is complicated and will take longer to make than other products,so the transportation time will be longer than usual. Please be patient.